“ProteoCell Biotechnologies is proud of its history as a bioprocess specialty company. It’s proud to be distinguish itself as your bioprocess partner, and not your CMO.”

‘...a collaboration, not a contract…’

ProteoCell places a premium on using its bioprocess development platform in a “collaboration/partnership format.” This partnership philosophy is based on the belief that small and emerging biotechnology discovery companies lacking cell line engineering and bioprocess development capabilities need access to this platform before they advanced too far with their recombinant product development. ProteoCell combines its in-house R&D capabilities with client biomolecule production needs to develop the suitable production platform at the earliest stages of development, treating each project as a collaboration instead of a contract, eliminating costly, untimely, and cumbersome bioprocess change requirements later in the development process.

ProteoCell’s strategy has already brought multiple clients/partners immeasurable savings in both cost and development timelines, distinguishing this approach from the rest of the bioprocess contract research and contract manufacturing industry.

Unique Canadian R&D Credits Savings

For certain projects, ProteoCell is able to provide you with unique financial arrangements using Canada’s renowned R&D credits program, extending considerable program cost savings, reaching REBATES up to 50% of project development costs. Contact ProteoCell to find out more about these savings today!