ProteoCell’s Cell Line Engineering unit develops cell lines for both Manufacturing Stable Cell line use and for functional analysis and screening of MoAbs and other recombinant proteins. Both high-throughput and robust selection methodologies are used to develop the desired cell line. ProteoCell’s Molecular Group uses industry-leading Molecular engineering expertise and methodologies with specific application adapted to the drug development and manufacturing domain to produce cell lines with a high degree of efficacy for manufacturing scale-up requirements and stringent regulatory oversight

  • Vector Design and Cloning
    ProteoCell can start with any supplied carrier or expression vector and adapt it to its cloning and molecular engineering strategy. Depending on design requirements, one or a series of expression vectors can be designed and cloned to be compatible with expression target. (transient, stable, inducible, non-inducible, etc…)
  • Sequence and Clone optimization
    Depending on expression requirements and sequence origin, sequence and clone optimization is factored in for smoother expression studies and harmonization.
  • Fluorescence
    High through-put screening of “super secretor” clones is partially dependent on fluorescence profile. Therefore, cloning strategy always takes into mind vector design, with fluorescence taking a principal role in ProteoCell SSI-based Cell Line Engineering.
  • Transient Expression
    With fluorescence coupling taking a big role in the ProteoCell SSI platform, Transient expression has taken a smaller role in the cell line engineering process at ProteoCell. However, as it’s sometimes requested, it is still offered as part of the Cell line engineering services at ProteoCell.
  • Stable Cell Line Generation
    High yielding stable cell lines developed through the stable integration of the transgene into the host cell genome.
  • Clonal Screening/Expansion
    The best clones are screened and isolated using a mix of methods that allow for time flexibility, as well as incremental progress for proper functional analysis of secreted protein from the cell line(s) being screened. The best clones are then selected and expanded to generate a research cell bank.
  • Molecular Analytics
    Sequencing, sequence verification, and a host of additional Molecular Analytics are an integral part of the Cell Line Engineering platform at ProteoCell. In rare cases, they can be used outside the Cell line engineering service platform, but typically are tied to it.
  • Cell line stability studies
    Official cell line stability studies to verify scalability and stability of the cell line. Approximate 3 month stability study confers stability of the clone in culture in a small flask setting under ‘quasi-production’ conditions.