How long will it take to get a stable cell line generated?

-A stable cell line can take anywhere between 4-8 months to develop. This includes a bioreactor run.

Are non-Canadian client/partner projects also open to R&D Credits system?

-Many longer lasting projects that ProteoCell shows a partnership format position in are eligible for substantial R&D credits (in some cases up to 60% of eligible project costs). ProteoCell is open to extend this feature in certain projects that meet eligibility criteria.

Can we begin a project as a small contract service and then change it to a longer term package project?

-Yes, ProteoCell is flexible and understands that smaller client/partner companies often do smaller testing and development work before committing to a whole project. We are receptive to working with you on that track.

What are the licensure and royalty costs associated with your platform?

-Depending on the cell system used, licensure and royalty agreements vary. ProteoCell recognizes that current cell line development licensure and royalty stream arrangements are prohibitive for smaller start-up and emerging biotechnology companies. For this reason, ProteoCell works with its clients/partners to find the best technology/financial package solutions for their recombinant development needs.

What is ProteoCell’s core added value?

-ProteoCell is a bioprocess specialty company for in-vitro cell culture systems. It marries this expertise with a strong cell line development and regulatory support capability to add to that. This platform package is extended to small and emerging biotechnology companies needing a “biopharma manufacturing development arm” that, unlike CROs and CMOs, works with them “non arms-length” to address their molecule development needs.

Is ProteoCell’s SSI system proprietary?

-ProteoCell’s SSI system is uniquely developed as an in-house tool to complement our scientists’ bioprocess development expertise. It is not developed for external commercial sale. So yes, it is proprietary, but not under patent.

If we have a Stable Cell line already and just want production from you, can you produce specific quantities of protein for us?

-Yes, ProteoCell does have a production capacity that allows it to make certain amounts of protein for clients.