ProteoCell's management team brings various levels of biotech and biopharma; industry experiences and expertise to the table. Through a variety of Operations, Quality, Project Management, and Finance experience in both biotech and biopharma, ProteoCell's dynamic team brings to the table a versatile blend of molecular biologists, bioprocess specialists, and regulatory specialists dedicated towards bioprocess development and manufacturing. Our innovative platform relies on communication between our Molecular Group, Bioprocess Group, and Quality Group with many years of accumulated bioprocess development and manufacturing experience. Our team is able to rapidly, economically, and efficiently work with your team to arrive at the best bioprocess solutions for your recombinant development needs. Our core skill-set is geared towards protein expression with the following strengths:

  • Cell line development in Mammalian, Yeast, and Bacterial systems
  • Strong Bioprocess development and of all three of the above cell-based production systems
  • Manufacturing and process engineering expertise up to the thousands of liters in cell culture using batch, fed-batch, and perfusion systems
  • Bioanalytical development expertise using the latest cell-based and other analytical assays required
  • Regulatory experience with all facets of the approval process—preclinical to IND and NDA package support of all of the above Operations skills.