Our Vision

“ Bioprocess is a science, not simply a contract service.”Since its inception, this is the vision that the founders of the company started with, and it remains entrenched in the company’s DNA today. “Quality by Design”…….”your bioprocess partner”……… “the manufacturing process is part of the final product”……. are all recently coined terms in the industry derived from this realization. The ProteoCell team is proud to be at the vanguard of this movement, and has this integrated into both our scientific and business processes. With this in mind, we plan to continue to innovate in the domain of bioprocess—a domain whose huge potential is just being realized. We plan to continue to set the pace for this pathway to get there together with our partners. Bioprocess Innovation is a priority at ProteoCell Biotechnologies.




Our Mission

ProteoCell Biotechnologies’ mission is to provide unmatched excellence through its state-of-the-art bioprocess platform offering, enhanced by the operational capabilities and ‘savoir-faire’ of a highly skilled development and manufacturing team. “A bioprocess specialty company” is who we are. Our expertly trained bioprocess specialists work in an environment supported by the latest cutting-edge bioprocess management systems. Our team is committed to Good Laboratory Practice, Good Manufacturing Practice and Quality Assurance standards exceeding industry norms to ensure high quality products and uncompromised service. Above all, our mission is that in the process of our cumulative work together, the drug developer and the bioprocessor work side by side and collaboratively, to advance the development of new and life-saving biopharmaceutical products and to give their utmost effort to help make them available to the patients that need them the most.