Welcome to ProteoCell Biotechnologies,
your partners in bioprocess solutions and biopharma manufacturing.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to navigate our website. As we progress deeper into the 21st century, breakthroughs in Medicine are making more and more treatments for disease available to a greater number of the human population than ever before. Developments in Next Generation Biopharmaceuticals are at the leading edge of this evolution in Medicine. New innovations, new technologies and methods in manufacturing platform discovery and development are also revolutionizing how we bring these medications to the patients that need them. This is the world of bioprocess; this is the world of ProteoCell Biotechnologies.

For almost a decade now, we have worked hard to establish ProteoCell as “a bioprocess specialty company,” specializing in the science of manufacturing platform discovery and development, a concept that was woven into the Company’s DNA from the outset--and it remains so today. Recognizing early on that such elements as “the manufacturing process is part of the final approved drug product,” we worked to build internal bioprocess systems that allow us to work hand-in-hand with our collaborators and partners, throughout the world, starting at the initial bench-top protein expression work, process development and scale-up, and continuing on to complement these with facility design elements to arrive at fully integrated, advanced high-performance, regulatory compliant, and economical biopharmaceutical manufacturing platforms. In an industry dominated by contract work, be it research, development, or manufacturing (CROs and CMOs), we have worked hard to establish and distinguish ProteoCell’s Collaboration and Partnership business and operations model.

Today, we are proud to bring to you ProteoCell SSI, a licensure and royalties-free manufacturing technology platform, with its flagship high performance cell line engineering system. This will be followed very soon with our efficient cGMP pilot scale manufacturing facility that uses the latest advances in bioprocess design—a mix of bioprocess and facility operations, fixed and disposable, that dramatically reduces the GMP footprint and total square footage needed for both clinical and commercial grade biopharma manufacturing.

As we continue to establish the ProteoCell name at the vanguard of bioprocess innovations and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, we remain committed to the tenets and responsibilities of good corporate citizenship and business ethics that come with the territory of human therapeutics manufacturing. Our number one driving force comes from our clients’ and partners’ continued validation of our good name. As you get to know more about ProteoCell, we hope that you also recognize the importance of these cornerstones in our corporate fabric. Please join us, and work with us, to together bring more and more breakthrough treatments to patients who need them the world over. We look forward to working together.