Home of ProteoCell SSI—our new cell line engineering expression platform

ProteoCell Biotechnologies inc. is a bioprocess specialty company specializing in the development and production of recombinant biopharmaceutical products. Located in Montreal, Canada, our platform employs an integrated approach for bioprocess development, starting at the gene level with cell line engineering, continuing to bench-top and production process development, and using our capabilities to scale up manufacturing processes into the pilot and then commercial manufacturing plant.

ProteoCell’s strategy is to work collaboratively with its clients/partners to shorten the development timelines of process development, keep the costs manageable, milestones respected, and reduce the risks of manufacturing pitfalls. Our team of experts works with yours to give you unparalleled access to manufacturing development from the earliest stages of your development. ProteoCell also has additional support services such as process analytics and custom assay development, bioprocess-related Regulatory Affairs guidance, and process trouble-shooting. Finally, ProteoCell maintains process and facility engineering resources to help make sure that the efficient Bioprocess manufacturing envelop is maintained from the molecular level to the facility level. Not only do we design efficient manufacturing processes, we also design efficient manufacturing facilities.